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Alternative Energy Solutions
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    We have started carrying Ductless Heat Pump systems in addition to our lines of Outdoor wood boilers, Indoor wood boilers and pellet stoves....  Winter in Michigan was back to being mild, science was correct this year, El Nino has been berry berry good to us with, Mild temps, low snow accumulations marked this as a record setting mild winter.  Also this year as brought with it,  the big changes imposed by the EPA on "conventional" wood boilers the Alternative Heating Industry has changed again....   But, if you Act now  you can still lower the cost for your families heating COMFORT... today, and into the future,  Use WOOD, Coal or Pellets to provide a cost effective method of heating.. Whole house heating or supplementing your existing system using alternative heating options that we have available will save you money for many years to come. Give us a Call today for a quote   (248) 681-7787.      

  *** I would like to ask everyone who visits this web site to say a prayer for the family of my friend and colleague Brian Crawford who passed away on Monday May 11,2015. Brian was the best Engineer I've ever meant, a great guy who loved people and showed it everyday. Owner of Up-North Alternative Energy Solutions, Brian is so deeply missed, but NEVER forgotten. We miss you brother..

In early 2015 the EPA's new residential heating ruling was signed into law, it's called the New Source Performance Standard (NSPS). Production and sale of "Conventional Style" wood boilers has been banned for "residential" use, but we still have them available for Commercial use.  The NSPS did not have any impact on "Coal" fired boilers for residential use, and many of our manufactures have switched most of their production efforts over to these "Coal" boilers. Many customers have bought and are happy with the heat produced and length of burn times using "Coal" fired outdoor wood boilers. We also have several proven models of the new high tech designs of wood gasification boilers that meet the new NSPS ruling and are EPA phase II qualified. We still have complete replacement parts and service available for the conventional boilers manufactured by: Aqua-Therm, Nature's Comfort, Empyre, Pro-Fab Industries, Cozyburn, Empyre Deluxe and others. We have also launched a new web site that covers a lot of the new EPA approved units.

                                    HERE IS A LINK TO THE NEW SITE.

outdoor wood boilers, indoor wood boilers and outdoor wood furnaceare all the highest quality products from trusted manufactures. We not only sell wood heating products, we provide maintenance and do repairs on wood boilers. We also sell boiler parts, under ground PEX-Flex pipe, SS chimney components and provide installation, and design services. We are also providers of solar hot waterSolar PV Power Systems, Back-up Power systems that can cover whole house or select circuits as back-up systems. We also sell, install and service remote and/or off-grid systems. We now carry a complete line od dutless heat pump systems, for Zone Heating and Cooling with high efficiency heat pumps.  For more information you can always call us (248) 681-7787 .  In addition to our Michigan home office we still cover area's of Up State New York, for those products visit our updated web site for NYS at

 *** Our YouTube video's that show products we sell and explain their operation can be seen on our       YouTube site @ You Tube Woodheatmi video's click HERE  

* Sale Items:

NEW: NCB-250, 300,000 btu/hr, ** 1 in-stock unit.. Act now!

USED: Aqua-Therm 275SS-WO 

Call or email for specials: (248) 681-7787


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 (248) 681-7787

Page 2 is our ProFab line. Looks like as of June 2016 Pro-Fab has closed its doors, no forewarning was given to any of us dealers/distributors. We do still have sources for parts and will do what we can to assist you with this product line. Empyre Elite indoor wood gasification boilers  "Indoor wood boiler" the Empyre Elite.  Elite boilers use wood "gasification". Their outdoor wood boilers that are EPA phase II qualified and meet the NSPS are the Elite XT series. We have one new Elite 200 V3 all stainless steel firebox in-stock at reduced pricing, call for more info. 

Page 3 is our Nature's Comfort line. Nature's Comfort outdoor wood boilers are  manufactured right here in the USA. NSPS qualified model is the GT-6000 outdoor wood gasification boiler.  *conventional outdoor wood boilers" are only for commercial use now. Complete line of Coal Boilers w/shaker grates... and new for 2016 models is an optional "automatic feed" for coal boilers.
   We have available for sale:  1 used NCB-250 for sale, like New condition, call for info.

Page 4 is our outdoor wood furnace by Hopsco Energy. The wood furnace called the "Airstove". These wood stoves heat forced hot air systems.

We have the most complete line of  gasification boilers on the market today. We are proud to provide Michigan and our New York State territory with these top quality products. Contact us today so we can quote you on a new heating system that can save you thousands a year while making your home more COMFORTABLE.
Page 5   Aqua-Therm and Wood Boiler LLC wood gasification boilers, commercial wood boilers and coal boilers.

*** Their is also a link to a financing company...Click on the link to estimate monthly payment and to apply online.. (CLICK ON LINK)

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Alternative Energy Solutions,(AES) "the company",  is here to provide customers with alternatives to the high priced, got you over the barrel forms of energy that we in America have to deal with every day. Is a link to the US Gov. burn wise web site, lots of interesting ideas.. Why should you look to us for heating options? Maybe because the owner of AES has been heating with wood since 1979,  designed and built a passive solar home, and has been actively involved in the changes technology has made as it relates to energy. To day the use of wood gasification to increase the efficiency of wood burning  is an amazing advancement. If you have not looked into wood gasification and you are interested in alternative heating, you need to contact us so we can get you the information you need. The wood stove of our parents and grandparents will never be back. In some ways that seems sad, but to ensure a continued supply of energy and a clean environment that produces more heat energy while expelling less fuel is the way to go. That process in wood burning is the wood gasification boiler. Simply, the process has 2 combustion chambers. In the first chamber the fire is ignited and as it burns the heat and smoke created is sent into the secondary burn chamber. Here the by-products of the combustion from the first chamber are re-ignited and the power of that process creates temperatures usually over 2000 degrees. In this secondary burn area is where we extract most of the heat, so the process of extracting the heat is much more efficient due to the greatly increased temperatures the gasification boiler produces.  These and all our products from Alternative Energy Solutions are here to help you reduce your dependency on our established and in-efficient systems we've felt trapped into using. Their are better and more cost effective means for you to use the energy you require, we're here to help you get their. Alternative Energy Solutions, "directing your energy solutions". For our SOLAR electric power products , back-up power call or email us.
Wood boilers, wood furnace, wood heaters that we provide have Names like Nature's Comfort, Empyre, Empyre Elite, Empyre Pro, ProFab, AquaTherm, Eco-One and Hopsco Energy. Models carried are; Airstove, Wood furnace, Waterless Wood Furnace, Nature's Comfort Boilers, GT-6000, NCB-80,NCB-120,NCB-175,NCB-250, NCB-325G, updraft and down draft wood boilers. Empyre Elite, Elite XT gasification boilers. We also carry wood pellet stoves like the NC-30 and NC-40 pellet burners, our other web site has more info also..
Products for Michigan & Products for New York State:

:  =  natures source of HEAT

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